Introducing our new Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines brought to you by MaxStamp, welcome. We are the proud South African agents for the laser cutting machines from Thunder Laser.

Desktop Nova 24 laser cutting machine

 Our laser cutting machines offer the best innovative technology that is available on the market today. Professionally manufactured and extremely well built. Our laser cutting machines are also able to do engraving on non metal materials. Like any laser cutting machine is it only as good as the sum of all its parts and in this particular case, Thunder Laser have not held back on quality and their attention to detail is immaculate. Our laser cutting machines are fitted with a professional grade glass laser tube that doesn’t break the bank, we offer great value for money. A top quality product at a competitive price. If you have any queries please dont hesitate to ask us via our contact us page or call on 010 534 6996.

We also have a range of laser engraving machines that specialise in engraving. If most of your work will be done engraving, then it will be best to buy a laser engraving machine that is fitted with a metal laser tube for precise engraving.

Contact us today for more information about which laser system will best suit your line of work.

WATCH a video on the thunder laser system


why buy our laser cutting machines ?

  1. Trust – Purchasing a laser cutting machine is a large investment and we understand that this isnt an easy decision. Thunder Laser has built a network of people around the globe with only positive feedback. We welcome live demonstrations to show exactly what the machine can offer you. Not only do we sell the laser machines but we sell the materials/products to ensure our customers growth in the industry.
  2. Quality – Our laser machines are built with quality materials that comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts. Thunder Laser has spent alot of time focusing on attention to detail. From the industrial honeycomb that they choose to supply you with, to the smart board operating system that shows you the time function. This tells you how long your job is going to run for, giving you a work estimation to help quote your clients accurately which is crucial.
  3. Service – We pride ourselves on after sales service, offering unlimited lifetime support after installation. 2 to 3 days training on the software & general maintenance on your machine.



rubber stamp




2 colour laminates

engravable gifts


Nova35 laser cutting machine

features of our laser machine

Smart Board System

This smart board operating system is able to calculate how long a job will take in the time preview function, which helps to quote your client quickly & accurately.

Multi Functional Table Design

The industrial honeycomb & knife table as a standard configuration. A pass through design has also been implemented for the use of bigger materials.

Faster Than Others

High speed servo motors, Taiwan made linear guides with Japanese bearings for a maximum design speed of up to 1 meter/second for engraving & 300mm/second cutting speed.


what you get from us

  1. 1 Year Warranty – We offer a 1 year warranty on all the laser parts. However if there is any malicious damage to the cnc laser machine, the warranty will then fall away.
  2. Free Installation – Ensuring your laser machine is properly installed and ready to go.
  3. Free Training – Training is an essential part when purchasing a laser cutting machine. We offer 2 to 3 days training on the software & also general maintenance knowledge to better understand your laser machine.
  4.  Support – After sales service is what we pride ourselves on. We are also willing to help our clients via teamviewer or telephone. If the problem cant be fixed via teamviewer, then our technician will travel and fix any problems that you may have.
  5. Engraving material & products – We not only sell laser machines but we also sell engraving material & products that go hand in hand with laser machines. We partner up with our clients to help build their sales and try in every way possible to help grow a long term business relationship.

laser cutting machine prices

what is on offer when purchasing a laser cutting machine

Nova24 desktop laser engraving machine

Nova 24

Working size: 600 x 400mm

Starting from: R135 000 ex

Priced with 60 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

Nova35 laser engraving machine

Nova 35

Working size: 900 x 600mm

Starting from: R150 000 ex

Priced with 80 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

Nova51 laser cutting machines

Nova 51

Working size: 1300 x 900mm

Starting from: R165 000 ex

Priced with 100 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

Nova63 laser cutting machines

Nova 63

Working size: 1600 x 1000mm

Starting from: R180 000 ex

Priced with 100 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

laser cutting machine materials