Laser Cleaning Machine

Looking for laser rust removal technology ?

Well we have it, our laser cleaning machine from MRJ laser specialise in this field. We have a range of different powered fiber laser tubes that can be fitted inside our laser cleaning machine to suit any type of application. Ranging from 100 to 500 Watts with a choice of different cleaning heads that can be customised. These machines are high-tech products for metal surface cleaning that is easy to operate. It is a cleaning way without chemical reagent and medium, dust-free and anhydrous.

laser cleaning machine

Why our laser cleaning machines

  • Designed uniquely professional with an industrial feel.
  • Self-developed control software, and unique spiral cleaning mode.

More uniform cleaning surface, without  zebra crossing compared to traditional laser cleaning machines. No damage to substrate of components. Adjustable cleaning size and precise removal location.

  • Imported high speed motors from USA, smaller clean head and better clean precision on performance.
  • Professional optical design, high damage threshold of scanning mirror and F-theta lens.

Continuous working time of more than 10 hours. High cleaning efficiency and safety. Simple structure, auto-focus, easy to operate. Automated cleaning by hand-held.

  • 2 Year warranty.

laser cleaning machine

what a video on the 100W laser cleaning machine

laser cleaning machines parameters

laser cleaning machines spiral cleaning mode